Monday, 23 February 2009

still stressed

It’s all NOT going to plan. Michael is still working very hard on the van. Ceiling still down. Still needs to be run in 500 miles and taken to the garage as there are no reverse lights

Michael has not kept to any of my timescales and to be honest I can’t see us leaving on the 7th march. There is nothing I can do all my work has been kept to schedule. I need to sell the car this weekend as the insurance runs out but I can’t how will I get Ella to school and do the running around. will ring the insurance in a bit perhaps they will give us another week such a control freak and I am totally out of control, how much more can I take? How much more can Michael take? Will we ever get away?

The roof is up, yahoo. Adrian my nephew came around last night to help Michael and it there it’s actually there just got to paper line it and paint it now. I could help with that but Michael is so finicky when he’s working and no one can do the job as well as he can so I just leave him to it.

Michael is still rebelling and insisting that our leave date is the 9th when in fact it’s meant to be the 7th. The van has to go back to the garage this week and it still needs to be run in 500 miles before we load it up. Another job I offered to do but Michael came back with no you can’t as he needs to keep an eye on the temperature and oil etc. what he thinks I can’t see these things I have been driving for 25 years!

Two weeks today till lift off going on Michaels time scale. Dick is looking much better! Roof sorted. Now for the roof rack and the inside. It’s got to go back to the garage on Tuesday evening and also has to be run in. hopefully this weekend. Then it’s just a matter of getting it packed up and we are off. Starting to feel excited now so fingers crossed we are on our way

so sorry if ive been a moaning moaner but its hard for anyone to realise what stress we have been under.its all right for rich people who decide to do this they just buy a new van and off they go.this is camping on a real tight budget and every penny counts.

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