Saturday, 11 April 2009

cant keep up

wrote a load of stuff on my pen found an internet cafe but cant transfere anything over so the blog idea is not working too well will try and sort it when we have some internet access and we can use our own laptop.
dont know when that will be as we are currently in Portugal broke down!!!!!! the cam has snapped in three belt and three valves needed. big money
but its all part of the adventure. we are camped out in garage but there is always a silver lining . Jose the breakdown recovery man and his wife invited us to a family meal yeasterday. they said come for lunch and eat fish. when we got there it was a banquet. we had a lovely day although the communication was a little hard,they spoke portuguesse or french and we spoke english. ella was made a fuss of lots of easter eggs and they gave us gifts of Portuguese porcellin. we all had a lovely time

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