Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Happy New Year!! We are only just recovering from our Xmas festivities and we have to stop spending. I am very worried about the work Michael has found to do on Dick it seems to be one thing after another and with only 8 weeks to go it’s going to be hard pushed to get everything done!! Yesterday I gave a months notice on our phone and internet and digital TV we won’t need that for the last month. Well I’m hoping our neighbour will let us use their internet for the last month. Dogs have had a quiet Xmas with no mishaps except one wee on the floor New Year’s Eve but to be honest they were left for 12 hours and probably scared by the fireworks at midnight.

Been ringing round for European breakdown cover and insurance cause the van is starting to worry me slightly, bloody hell isn’t it dear!!! Michael couldn’t even get Dick to start this morning it was so cold. Bring on the sunshine.
Two hammocks I ordered arrived today, I really just want to get into the van and start cleaning and packing but as usual Michael is lagging behind, when we go on holiday I’m all ready and packed whilst he is packing his suitcase the night before with a million things he doesn’t need. HELP I need to be organised
Picked up the dog’s passports yesterday, another tick off my list. Oh god I hate the wait I like to do things spontaneously, keep busy.

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