Wednesday, 28 January 2009

oh my god

In bed just getting over a two day flu still I cant complain Laura has been laid up for four days so far. Poor old dogs! Boson cut his foot open on the way into dog training on Monday night so he is refined to the house and Bear always acts strange when I take to my bed like he knows Michael will do the bear minima to assure he’s been walked.
Haven’t seen Ella either since yesterday as Michael has thought it best that she stay at nannies and granddads house, she adores them and loves it there. I believe last night was mama mia night
It happened last week got the news from Michael, didn’t know weather I should laugh or cry but my lip has come out in a cold sore and my chin has sprouted loads of spots………….Dick needs a engine recon or something and whilst the engine is out we might as well have a new clutch and some brakes!!!!!!!!!!!well I’m no mechanic and I aint got a clue what Michael is on about but I am the accountant and the handler of bills and I know that we will be using what is meant as our spare emergency break down cash for this so there will be no spare emergency breakdown cash.
Had a nightmare with the dogs this weekend too. Saturday took them walking where there is normally no sheep and some silly farmer had decided to fill his field with sheep. well Bear was gone first then Boson, they don’t harm the sheep its just the chase really but I know this could cause heart failure and all sorts in the sheep, eventually got the buggers back and got to say smacked them both which I never do but I think it was a mixture of relief as the farmer didn’t shoot them and they needed a dam good telling off. Yesterday went for a walk in the woods and Bear started chasing deer so Boson joined him again. The excellent thing about deer is they can’t half run. When I finally got them back they knew they were in trouble so why oh why do they bother and will they ever learn? I think in Europe dogs must stay on their leads most of the time. But it won’t be as bad as we will have one dog each. Got lots and lots of bills to pay today the time is getting nearer and nearer infact 39 days till lift-off yahoo. No more stress and hopefully I will get my motor home widowed husband back.

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