Saturday, 24 January 2009


This is the story of our fantasy adventure around Europe in our motor home Dick. Dick is a fiat highwayman so the connection is Dick Turpin……highwayman…..yes that’s how our van got his name. My husband was not too impressed that the van was a boy so we let him have the tom tom and her sweet voice which he named Betty.
My name is Colette I am 41 years old but still 17 in my mind.
It’s been a long hard slog trying to persuade my hubby to travel around the world! Ok so Ive only managed Europe at the moment but at least that’s a start.
My husband is Michael, hes the brains behind the van which we brought cheap and he has slowly but steadily built into a lovely little van. Ok its not new age and we are probably going to look like gypsies next to all these posh homes but hey ho Im well happy.
I have two children Laura 20 and Ella who will be 10 when we leave. The thought of travelling around Europe with her parents is far too much for Laura to handle, I’ve even tried a little emotional blackmail but she’s adamant, well who wouldn’t want to stay home alone at 20 party party party!! Our youngest daughter Ella is almost as excited as me.